Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Perfect Fit for Millie

This past week Millie enjoyed her first Thanksgiving Day at Resin Corner.  One of the things Millie was thankful for was her very own dress, made for her instead of borrowed from one of the Little Fees.

The pattern is called What a Girl Wants, Momo from Adams-Harris Patterns, one of four patterns designed for Unidoll Tiny Momo.  It's a sweet dress with a big white collar that falls all the way to her waist.  A ribbon belt goes around her waist and is threaded through two buttonholes at the bottom of the collar to tie in a bow.  Adorable!

The dress was simple to make, although I did experience some difficulty in making the buttonholes in the collar.  My sewing machine has a buttonhole attachment.  Not that it's doing me any good, because I have never learned to use it.  I ended up making the buttonholes by hand.  The bow hides the buttonholes, so everyone is happy.

Pattern pieces laid out
If you study the above photo, you will notice something odd about the pattern.  The skirt pattern piece should read "Cut One on Fold".  It doesn't and I didn't.  In hindsight I should have known better.  I've made enough skirts and dresses to know that the pattern piece always goes on folded fabric -- unless the skirt is a simple rectangle whose dimensions are given without a pattern piece.  Luckily I had sufficient leftover fabric to cut another skirt on the fold.

The bodice pattern pieces are marked "Cut 2" for the front and "Cut 4" for the back.  This makes sense only if you are lining the bodice with the same fabric as the dress itself.  If you are lining in a different color -- I used a white batiste -- the markings would read "Cut 1 fabric and 1 lining" for the front and "Cut 2 fabric and 2 lining" for the back.

From the top:  finished collar, joined bodice and lining pieces.
Millie also got a new wig and shoes.  Both items came from Luxour Academy; both have sat unused since their arrival because they did not fit the other little dolls.  The socks came from a pattern for Little Fees.  I should have made them smaller to accommodate Millie's thinner legs.  On the other hand, socks that slide and bunch seem to go hand-in-hand with childhood.  There is something oddly endearing about them.

Little Fee Ante Elf also got a new dress this past week.  Unlike Millie, she was less successful with fit.  I used a pattern called A Flutter of Fall by Maryanne Oldenburg that appeared in the October 2009 Doll Crafter & Costuming.  I confess I did not compare the pattern doll's measurements with Little Fee Ante's.  I saw that it was a pattern for a 10 inch doll and assumed it would fit. 

Never assume!  When in doubt, make it in muslin first and check for fit.  The bodice was way too big and there is just too much skirt.  The sleeves were good.  Any narrower and we wouldn't get her hands through them.  I would start over but the fabric was a fat quarter; there isn't much left.  It was such a cute print, too, with small fairies all over it to go with Ante's elf ears. 

On the other hand, I have a cute pattern for a romper.  I'll make it and we can ditch the dress altogether.

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