Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Pattern Four Ways, Part Two

What a difference a four-way stretch fabric makes!  In Part One of this post, I discovered that fabric with only nominal stretch makes for a snug fit -- and sometimes no fit at all, at least where the stockings were concerned.  The bodyshirt pattern (from MHD Designs) that I have been using has four variations, two with sleeves and two without.  Today I am presenting the two sleeveless versions.

Both the bra top and the halter top versions have string ties that are sewn, right sides together, and then turned.  For ease in turning such small pieces, I use Patty Medaris Culea's Itsy Bitsy Finger Turner.  It's a set of brass tubes in different sizes, used by cloth doll makers to turn tiny fingers.  Worth its weight in gold!
In retrospect the pink stripe fabric was little thick for a version with extra seaming.  I should have used it for one of the sleeved bodysuits, where the body is made up of only front and back pieces.  The sleeveless versions have a  lower front and lower back, as well as a front top, and front and back facings.  All those seams come together under the bust.  No matter how much you trim the seams, that thickness does not go away.  It may not be obvious to the casual observer, but I see it.

One stocking pinned and ready to sew.  This pattern makes three lengths of stocking: thigh high, knee high, and anklet.  (See the knee high version in tan-and-white below.)
On the positive side, the pink stripe fabric had so much stretch that I was able to fit it on Iplehouse Tania.  That includes the stockings, although I could have used more stretch in the cuff.  As it is, the thigh-high stockings only reach to just above her knees.

From the top:  knee high stockings, halter top, facing, lower body.
The tan-and-white stripe also stretches four ways, but the fabric itself is a little thinner.  The finished product was actually a little too big for McKenna (U-noa Lusis) despite her well-endowed chest.  I compensated by gathering the finished halter top at the neckline and under the arms.  It makes the top a little poofy -- not the look it was supposed to have.  I suspect it will be a better fit on Linn.  I might even be able to remove the gathers.

Tania, on the left, wears a wig from Iplehouse. 
U-noa Lusis wears a wig by LeekeWorld.

The reason that Linn has not tried it on is that she is currently in her box.  Most of the residents of Resin Corner have taken refuge in their boxes at the request of Ball Jointed Woman's realtor, who says collections of any kind are distracting and/or disturbing to buyers.  That is all well and good, but without my resin girls and boys I do not have a blog, so I have stubbornly kept a few of them out to sew for and photograph.  As soon as the house sells, Resin Corner is moving north, where it will put down roots in a new Resin Corner not far from the Canadian border.  And if the house does not sell -- well, Ball Jointed Woman is not ready to entertain that possibility...

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