Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marzipan for Mayu

When the final issue of Haute Doll was released, I was pleased to find not one but two patterns within its pages that I wanted to make.  Today I am going to share with you the making of one of those patterns:  Marzipan by Gracefaerie Designs.

Gracefaerie designed Marzipan for 43 cm Planetdoll girls.  The fact that I do not have any Planetdolls did not deter me from making the dress.  I figured it was bound to fit one or another of my slim minis.

Beginning the corset.  Front and Side-Front pieces are attached.  Back and Side-Back pieces await.
Choosing the fabric was the hardest part of this project.  I absolutely love the muted tones of the green stripe used for the prototype.  And the trims coordinated perfectly!  Reading through the instructions, I discovered that Gracefaerie dyed both fabric and trims in tea.  Hmm.  It's a great  look, but do I want to try to duplicate it?  To my knowledge, I have never dyed fabric.  If I did, it was so long ago that the process (and its result) have vanished from my memory.  Frankly, the idea of dying fabric scares me.  I had a friend whose mother tea-dyed all the lace for her wedding gown.  It came out great, but what if it hadn't...?

Bodice and lining pinned together before sewing.  Iron-on interfacing has been attached to the wrong side of the main fabric.
I found a pink stripe in my stash, also an orange stripe.  Loved both, but didn't have a sufficient quantity of either fabric.  I finally decided on a blue-and-white stripe with tiny pink flowers.  I had used it before on a period dress for Narae.  Luckily there was enough left for this project.

For the trims, I already had white lace and a ruffled white organza.  I also had three floral trims in different colors.  They were purchased with this project in mind, but before I had thought about what fabric I would use.  I held each one next to the fabric and finally went with the pink-and-yellow flowers.  I wish they all had been pink.  I didn't really want to introduce another color.  It makes the result a little more exuberant than I intended.

Attaching lace to the bottom of the overskirt.
This outfit looks like a dress but is actually two pieces:  a skirt in two layers and a corset with shoulder straps.  The corset is both lined and interfaced.  I cut out all the pieces and assembled the main fabric layer before trying it on Soulkid Mayu.  Seeing that I would have too much corset in back, I cut a quarter-inch from each center back.  Then I cut off the same amount from the interface pieces and the lining pieces.

Overskirt with yoke attached.  Yoke lining will be sewn down after the underskirt is attached.
When all the layers were put together and I tried it on Mayu again, I saw that I still had enough fabric in back to fasten the corset with snaps instead of eyelets.  The eyelets would have made for a very pretty back, laced together with ribbon and tied in a bow.  However, I have had very poor results setting eyelets.  I'm sure it comes from not having the proper tool, because what was sold to me as an eyelet setter doesn't do the job.  You have to position it over the eyelet and bang it with a hammer.  Sometimes it works; most times it shatters the eyelet.  Even when it works, the eyelet pops out when I lace something through it.  Coincidentally, there has been a discussion on the Yahoo group Sewing for BJDs over the past few days about this very subject.  After weighing the pros and cons, I have decided to purchase a HomePro LR tool.  Maybe next time I come across a pattern involving eyelets, I won't be in such a rush to adapt it for snaps.

Overskirt on the right; underskirt on the left.
The skirt was fun to put together.  It is really two skirts in one:  the overskirt in blue-and-white stripe with lace, ruffle and ribbon flower trim, and the underskirt in white with blue-and-white fabric ruffle.  The two are attached at the yoke.  It was really difficult to restrain myself from hiking up the skirt on one side to show off the pretty petticoat!

Mayu models the finished dress.

In order to show off the shoulder straps to advantage, I chose an updo for Mayu's wig.  She is wearing Hope by Monique Gold in golden-reddish blonde.  A lucky choice, as it matches her eyebrows.  I think perhaps I'll put a few flowers in her hair.

Finished dress from the rear.

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  1. I'm sorry that was the last issue but I really do love this dress. The little flowers are my favorite part.