Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun & Flouncy U-noa

This is the other pattern from the final issue of Haute Doll (August 2010).  The ensemble is by Susan Rethoret and is designed for U-noa or Minifee girls.  I actually made only half the ensemble.  I was looking for a skirt pattern that would go with one or more of the body shirts I made recently. 

There is a cute corset top included in the pattern, which I would love to make -- as soon as I get a decent eyelet setter.  My experience with eyelets has been sketchy at best.  Sometimes the eyelets stay in; more often they pop out.  Either I am doing something wrong, or my eyelet tool is no darn good.  (It's a little of both, I suspect.)

The skirt was a breeze to make.  Just 3 pattern pieces:  a yoke, a top ruffle, and a bottom ruffle.  The yoke is lined and attaches with a couple of snaps.  The ruffles are different width strips of fabric gathered to fit the yoke.  How easy is that?  I'm tempted to make a bunch of them in different colors to go with the other body shirts and other tops.

The skirt I made for U-noa Sist consists of a black eyelet main fabric and a black lace ruffle.  Because I knew I was going to pair it with a tan top printed with black flowers (one of the summer body shirts from MHD Designs), I added a couple of light brown roses to the skirt to coordinate.  A couple of black bows in her hair (wig by Luts), black shoes (from JpopDolls), and her look is complete.

I had hoped to show a second outfit in this post.  Unfortunately I did not complete it.  I can't even throw in a teaser because I haven't uploaded any photos from my camera.  If you happen to own the back issues of Haute Doll, the pattern in question is in the September/October 2008 issue.  It consists of a cami and jodhpurs for U-noa by Zolala.  All I will say at this point is that I hope it will be worth the wait!

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  1. so funny to come across this post, when I was searching minifee images...I am glad that you were able to find a use for this pattern :) Susan Rethoret