Monday, September 6, 2010

Black-and-White Party - Grand Finale

After having devoted the better part of a year to dressing ball jointed dolls in black and white, I am both happy and sad to see an end to the venture.  Happy, because I am craving color; sad, because it has been a fun and sometimes challenging project.  I could easily have made more dresses.  The little ones did not get theme outfits and there are a couple of large dolls that I omitted as well.  Two of the girls made do with white dresses they were already wearing, while two of othe boys made do with clothing borrowed from my non-bjd dolls.

On the grounds at Chatsworth: 
back row (all U-noas):  L-bi #1, Sist #2, Sist #1; 
front row:  Goodreau Innuendo, U-noa Lusis #1 
and L-bi #2
Although I had my heart set on photographing everyone together in a large group shot, the weather did not cooperate.  Resin Corner is a very windy place.  Chasing wigs and top hats across the lawn was not my idea of a profitable pastime.  And, try as I might to sweep all the debris off my front steps, I couldn't get it clean enough to suit finicky dolls who refused to get their frocks dirty.  As a result, the dolls were photographed indoors in small groups and PhotoShopped into their backgrounds.

At Bodnant Gardens in Wales:  
back row:  Supia Ysol, Limhwa Limho Mono #2,
U-noa Lusis #2; front row:  U-noa Chibi Lilin,
Rosette Marguerite and Soul Kid Mayu
Once that decision was made, the question arose as to what locale to use for the backgrounds.  Astute (or at least well-traveled) readers may have noticed that my locations tend to be literally all over the place.  I have already used photos from my travels to England, New Orleans, and even Quebec.  This time I thought I would pose the dolls a bit closer to home.  A few test composites convinced me to stick to previous locations, mainly because I wanted to continue the misty sort of mystery I had developed in my other backgrounds.  It simply wouldn't do to go from graveyards and dark city streets to a world of bright sunlight.  To keep the other-worldly sense of place, I opted to return to the British Isles.

On the grounds at Chatsworth:
seated:  Elfdoll Hazy;
standing:  Unidoll Anthony and Elfdoll Sooah
I hope you have enjoyed the dolls' black-and-white gathering.  I doubt I will do such a large-scale themed costuming project again, although, you never know.  My backlog of patterns and fabrics includes some that are perfect for steampunk; I am dying to make an aviator hat and goggles for U-noas.  Maybe I'll go there next -- as soon as I finish Sooah's new red dress and start her new face-up.  So many dolls -- so little time!
In front of the maze at Chatsworth:
back row:  Limhwa Limho Mono #1;
front row:  Pixiez Dharma, Iplehouse Tania,
Supia Yan, Narin Narae and Soul Kid Linn
All of the above background photos were taken during a 1984 tour of British gardens and stately homes.  They began as color slides using film designed for motion pictures.  If you've seen old movies that have not been restored, you know that motion picture film fades pretty badly.  I digitized my slides using a film scanner, then altered them using a diffuse glow filter in PhotoShop, which was perfect for the monochromatic look I was after.  (As an aside to other photographers who may have used this film:  it is also possible to restore the color via digitization and PhotoShop.)

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