Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You Did WHAT With That Pattern?

The above title is a regular feature of Soft Dolls &Animals magazine. I thought I would use it here because it fits so well with the way I work with patterns.  When I find a dress pattern that works for me, I tend to use it again and again.  This could become boring, both for me and the doll residents of Resin Corner, so I try to vary the pattern each time I reuse it.

Take this pattern for instance:  #20 Lilac Afternoon for MSD from Gracefaerie Deisgns.  I first made it for Narae to wear to the dolls' black-and-white party.  It worked up like a dream, fit like a glove, and both Narae and I were very happy with it.  (See my July 4, 2010 post for more on this outfit.)

When I needed a pattern for Supia Yan for the same black-and-white party, I turned to Lilac Afternoon again.  How to vary it?  Narae's dress was made with a fun fabric, what fabric stores call a novelty print.  I had plenty of fabric left over from Hazy's long dress, so I planned the new dress around it.  Seeing as it was a dressier fabric than Narae's, I made one of the skirt layers from black lace and the other from gray tulle, then embellished with faux flowers instead of bows.  There are shiny beads in the center of each flower, but they are almost impossible to see in the photos.

Here they are side-by-side for easier comparison.  Narae wasn't quite satisfied with her look.  The infamous too-tight black-and-red wig popped off and wouldn't go back on her head.  She demanded her blonde Yuri wig by Monique Gold and white stockings and shoes.  Whatever Narae wants, Narae gets.  Yan's wig is Elle by Jpopdolls.

I turned to Lilac Afternoon a third time for Soul Kid Mayu's outfit.  I wanted to dress her like a ballerina, so I used the bodice pattern pieces without the sleeves, then made the skirt entirely of tulle.  In order to keep the lighthearted feel of the party, I chose a black-and-white stripe print for the bodice.  It's the same fabric that formed the top layer of Narae's skirt, except that the shorter length of Narae's skirt made the fabric look like piano keys.  I trimmed Mayu's bodice with black organza flowers and tied her hair back with a small piece of tulle and a faux flower.  Her black ballet flats are by Goodreau Dolls.  Her wig is Pretty Girl by Monique Gold.

Will I use the Lilac Afternoon pattern again?  It's a great little pattern, so most likely I will, but not for the black-and-white party.  I think the dolls will revolt if I don't come up with something different next time.

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