Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Dolls' Black-and-White Party, Part 3

I have already discussed the white corset and plaid pleated skirt for Mirren (U-noa Lusis) that started me on a black-and-white sewing binge.  In case you have forgotten it, or are new to Resin Corner, this is the outfit in question:

McKenna, my second U-noa Lusis, likes things frilly and girly, so for her party look I turned to the Adams-Harris pattern Romantic that I have used before.  I used one less bow on the front than the pattern called for; otherwise, the dress is pretty much as Adams-Harris designed it. 

Before BJDs, I never would have mixed stripes and florals in one dress, not to mention lace AND trim AND bows.  Thanks to the Japanese Gothic Lolita look, now anything goes.  I added a man's top hat to the outfit, trimmed in embroidered trim and a big tulle bow with streamers down the back.  The tulle barely shows up in the photograph unless you enlarge it.  McKenna's wig is from LeekeWorld.

This is my fourth time around with the Dreaming pattern by Adams-Harris.  I made it first in all white, then in yellow, and again in pink with an organza overlay.  I thought it would look cute on Chloe, my first U-noa Sist.  I did vary it somewhat this time, removing the sleeve cuffs and gathering the sleeves before adding the lace. 

The embroidered ribbon at her waist is a piece left over from a project so old that it now qualifies as vintage.  I couldn't find any other use for it but it was too pretty to throw away, so I held onto it for years.  Another change I made to the pattern was the addition of a self-ruffle in a coordinating fabric.  I also substituted parallel rows of lace for the galloon called for on the bodice.  Chloe's wig is from LeekeWorld.

Reese is my newest U-noa Sist.  She is wearing my second attempt at the Kimono Lolita pattern from the February 2007 issue of Haute Doll magazine.  The pattern is supplied in sizes for both SD and MSD, and the first time I made it, I mixed up pattern pieces from the two sizes because the MSD bodice pieces didn't look big enough.  Then I wondered why the neckband didn't fit!  This time I used the right pattern pieces, even if the MSD bodice did look small.  It fit Reese to a tee, and I am thrilled that I was able to use my Geisha girl fabric, which was too small a piece to use for anything else. 

The pattern calls for the obi to lace up the back.  I always have trouble setting eyelets, so I fastened the obi with snaps.  I found some Chinese coin charms in the jewelry-making section of JoAnn Fabrics.  They were perfect for weighting the ends of the ribbon tie around the obi.  Reese's wig is Pretty Girl in brownblack/blonde from Monique Gold.  All four U-noa Qu'luts girls wear high heeled shoes designed for them by Jpopdolls.

Last, but far from least, among my U-noa girls is Fiona, my little Chibi Lilin.  Serendipity provided the beginnings of her outfit.  At some time (I have forgotten when) I started work on a variation of the Notorious pattern from Adams-Harris.  It was meant for one of the MSDs, but for some reason I did not pursue it beyond making the bodice.  I found the sad little remnant in my scrap bag.  I had to cut the bottom off the bodice to make it fit Fiona's shorter waist, then I trimmed it with a remnant of beaded lace.  Again a piece left over from another project -- too short to use on another dress, too pretty to throw away.  I had just enough for the neckline and cuffs.  I added pearl beads for buttons, and the bodice was done.

The skirt was made without a pattern.  It's a simple rectangle of fabric, hemmed on one long end and gathered into a waistband (another simple rectangle) on the other long end.  Sew the short ends together, add a snap, and voila!  A skirt.  The red shoes, from Dale Rae, are designed to fit the first vinyl Goodreau Innuendo.  They fit U-noa Chibis without stockings.  Fiona's adorable wig came from Luts (CDW-26 for Honey Delf in Smoky Black).

Okay, I admit it, when it comes to my U-noa boys I cheated.  I made the vest from the Adams-Harris Classic Blue pattern for IpleHouse SooRi (same pattern I used for the Limhwa boys).  SooRi is SD size, so I reduced the pattern to 75%.  The pants and shirts were literally taken off the backs of my Tonner Matt O'Neill dolls.  The shirts are tight at the cuffs, but otherwise are a good fit.  I especially like that the shirts are attached to a pair of boxers in a nylon mesh fabric, so they don't pull out when I pose the doll.  The pants are a perfect fit.

I actually made only one vest for a U-noa boy, the one Elliot is wearing on the left.  Brodie, on the right, wears a vest borrowed from Limho Mono Olivier.  The hats are also borrowed.  I don't know when Olivier and Heath will get them back -- right now Mirren and Emilia (Supia Yan) are wearing them.  Neither girl shows any sign of intending to give them back.

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