Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coming into the Home Stretch

The Dolls' Black-and-White Party, Part 4

Today I am going to introduce the final four outfits in the series.  Poor Dharma and Innuendo.  They are displayed near my sewing machine, and so have watched me sew sweet little black-and-white dresses for the other girls, all the while looking at me as if to say, "When will it be my turn?"  Now, my darlings, now.

I went all out in this round and tried three new patterns, all from MHD Designs.  The first is Plaisirs D'Ete, designed for Ellowyne Wilde.  I made the short halter dress for Goodreau vinyl Innuendo.  (The pattern includes instructions for a long version as well.)  I made the bloomers, but not the bolero.  I couldn't decide whether to make the bolero in black or in white, and ended up not making it at all. 

Looking at Innuendo in the dress, I decided to change her wig and eyes.  First we tried Monique Gold's Roxy in bleach blonde, which I paired with dark brown eyes.  Here is the finished look:

After a week or so, I decided the bloomers made her look egg-shaped, so I substituted black-and-white stripe thigh-high stockings.  I also changed her eyes to a lighter shade of brown and the wig to a blonde faux fur that came with one of my U-noas.  Her off-white shoes are from Dale Rae.

I like this look, but I need to buy different eyes.  Innuendo's eye sockets are round and both sets of brown eyes I have are almond-shaped.  None of my round eyes will fit because the wooden ball inside her head interferes with the stems on both acrylic and glass eyes.  She needs half-round eyes.  I debated buying Eyeco eyes in her size but they are quite flat.  It's hard to drop an eye into her eye socket as it is -- that wooden ball leaves little room for my fingers to get in and move around.  Both Pabol and Safrin make half-round eyes.  As soon as I decide which ones I want, I will order them and change her again.

Dharma not only got a new outfit, she got a whole new body!  It was the only way I knew to give her the mobility she lacked.  I chose an Islanddoll body, 41 cm, in normal resin.  They had a bewildering number of resin colors to choose room.  I lucked out with a very good match.  If I thought I could match Limhwa's resin colors as well, I would order Islanddoll bodies for them too.  Dharma's gray wig is also from Islanddoll.  Her red shoes are from Goodreau Doll Company.

Dharma's new outfit is Palazzo! from MHD Designs for Ellowyne Wilde.  I actually made this one thinking it would be for Innuendo, but her torso is longer than Ellowyne's and it didn't fit.  It barely fits Dharma.  I should probably try it on the U-noas, as I suspect that they are shorter in the torso than these two.  One of these days, I might actually make one of these patterns for Ellowyne.  Once again, the pattern included a jacket that I didn't make.  It's really sweet, with a large sailor collar; there is also a matching hat.  The dress is supposed to have a large bow on the front.  These bows look great on the pattern's cover page; when I make them, they look like inverted rabbit ears, so I substituted a flower bow made from black flexi-lace hem tape.

I went back to Fletcher Pattern Company's Shining Hour shirtdress (designed for Ellowyne) to make a party dress for Iplehouse Tania.  I had made it before for SoulKid Linn and found that it also fit Tania.  Well, this time it didn't fit Tania.  It has been three years since I made Linn's dress.  I still don't remember making any pattern adjustments and my paper pattern shows no alterations.  Why the first one fit Tania and the second one didn't is a mystery.  I almost didn't finish it, but I'm glad I did.  Linn not only looks lovely in it, but she doesn't seem to mind that it is the same style as her Halloween dress.  Linn's red wig is Reiya by Jpopdolls.  Silver sandals from LeekeWorld.

That left me with Tania.  I could have let her wear Linn's Halloween dress, but I thought she deserved something new.  I turned to Fleurette, a pattern for MSD from MHD Designs.  Because Tania has a broad back, I made a mock-up of the bodice to see how it fit.  It's a good thing I did, because it needed extra fabric across the back.  I added an inch, figuring any extra would allow for a comfortable overlap for the snap. 

The skirt is made up of twenty panels sewn together (and twenty more for the lining!).  That's twenty panels more than I was willing to make, so I redrew the panel pattern piece to incorporate two panels in one.  I didn't subtract the seam allowance in the combined piece.  I figured the extra fabric would offset the extra width in the bodice.  Another change I made:  I can't turn tiny straps, even with the rods and tubes that are supposed to simplify the process.  I substituted ribbon instead.  (I did the same in the Plaisirs D'Ete pattern above.)

I tried two different wigs on Tania and couldn't decide which one I like best.  The one above is Monique Gold's Pretty Girl in brownblack/blonde.  The one below is Reiya from Jpopdolls in pearl.

It's a good thing I have just about everyone dressed in black and white, because I am heartily sick of the color combination.  Did I say "color"?  What color?  I am so in need of real color that yesterday I cut out a dress for Sooah in red.  But that is fodder for another post.

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