Saturday, July 17, 2010

IpleHouse Tania Comes to Resin Corner

I have wanted an IpleHouse doll for a long time.  What kept me from buying one was simple indecision.  What size?  Which gender?  Which individual among the many beautiful dolls in each group?  IpleHouse made it harder for me by adding sizes.  Even now, they show two sizes on their menu for which they do not yet sell dolls.  Should I wait?  Will I like the smaller dolls on IH's imminent horizon?

Nothing cures indecision quite like ebay.  There she was:  IpleHouse Tania, one of my two favorites in the JID (Juvenile IpleHouse Doll) category.  Moreover, she had a fabulous faceup by Cristy Stone.  As far as I was concerned, it was a done deal.  Fortunately, no one outbid me.

Wig, dress and shrug from IpleHouse

IpleHouse's default faceup for Tania is sweet and demure.  The Cristy Stone faceup smolders.  There's the smoky eye, the full lips.  You get the feeling that, despite her tender years, this Tania knows a thing or two about life and love.

I have not yet made her any clothes.  We had a trial run upon her arrival (something I do with each new doll) to see which of my existing outfits would fit.  Oh-oh.  This girl was going to be a problem.  The first thing I found that sort of fit was a kimono that was too big for the other mini girls.  It was a little short on Tania and didn't quite cover her around.  I took it off without photographing her in it.  The only other item that fit was a dress I had made for Linn from a pattern for Ellowyne.  By rights this should not have fit at all--Ellowyne is a smaller doll.  But Ellowyne has wide shoulders, and for some reason the cut of this dress was just right.  So I put it on her for the time being (because it's a Halloween dress and this is July) and ordered an outfit from IpleHouse.

Wig from Luxour Academy; "Shining Hour" dress pattern from Fletcher Pattern Company

The Halloween dress could work for the black-and-white party; however, I prefer to make her something a little less witchy.  (Spiders and spider webs--ugh!)  The original dress pattern had cuffed sleeves.  In making it for Linn, I had to allow for her large hands and omitted the cuffs.  I am toying with the idea of making the new dress sleeveless.  Shoes are turning out to be a problem, too. Tania has slightly smaller feet than the other dolls (5.3 cm; the others are 5.4 and 5.5) and most of my shoes are so loose they fall off.  IpleHouse had some cute white boots.  Wouldn't you know, by the time I ordered they were sold out.  I bought them in red instead.

Wig from LeekeWorld; dress and boots from IpleHouse

And then there are wigs.  Tania wears a size 7/8.  I have a number of 7/8 wigs because both Linn and Hazy wear that size.  I'm finding that many wigs with bangs come down so low on Tania's forehead that they obliterate her eyebrows and cover her beautiful eyes.  I did find a few that would work, including a new one from LeekeWorld that I literally snatched off Linn's head, and I ordered a couple from IpleHouse.  Tania is now ready to face the world.

LeekeWorld wig; IpleHouse dress

I am glad I did not buy one of the larger dolls.  For a small (43 cm) girl, Tania is quite heavy.  The larger dolls must be especially hard to handle when it comes time to restring them.  I haven't measured her, but judging from the way the IpleHouse dress fits her, I'd say she has the large bust option.  She also has the general body type, without the mobility joint in the thigh.  As it turns out, these are the very options I would have selected had I ordered directly from IpleHouse.  (The mobility joint, as its name suggests, increases the doll's ability to pose.  It also makes the doll less stable when standing, as I am finding with my LittleFee girls, who have the joint, versus LittleFee Shiwoo, who does not.  My dolls tend to stand more than they sit, so a secure thigh joint is a plus.)

Wig, dress, shrug and boots from IpleHouse

That reminds me:  I need to go to ebay and leave feedback on another doll I just purchased.  And one of these days I need to list some dolls on ebay that I no longer collect.  I wonder how many Tonners and Genes I have to sell in order to pay for one BJD?


  1. She has a beautiful face. I really like this doll.

  2. Your Tania is gorgeous. Cristy Stone's work is amazing.

  3. This doll is amazing. I just found out about Iplehouse dolls and am totally confused on how to even buy one. How did you get a doll like this one and what are the details I would look for? Thanks for helping a beginner.

    1. The easiest way to buy one is to go to That's also the safest way. You might find one on the secondary market, but if you are not familiar with the company's dolls you might end up buying an inexpensive but inferior recast. I bought this girl on ebay before recasts became a problem. I was also familiar with Cristy Stone's work and knew that I was getting the genuine article. Do check out the Iplehouse website. They make so many beautiful dolls! Good luck.