Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Dolls' Black-and-White Party, Part 2

Poor Dylan! (Unidoll Anthony)  Instead of something new and different, his costume for the black-and-white party was made from exactly the same pattern as his previous outfit.  The pattern is called Hollywood, from Adams-Harris Pattern Company's 2008 Winter Collection.  I couldn't help myself.  Not only is the outfit a perfect fit, but I was able to make it to theme with fabrics already at hand.  Here he is, in all his pinstriped glory:

I dressed up his tee shirt with an applique made from my playing card fabric.  The black felt fedora is purchased -- I added the gray ribbon and black bow.  Something about the hat gives him an air of a young Frank Sinatra.  Or a Thirties gangster.

Here is the back view:

You didn't think I would be satisfied with a single playing card applique, did you?  And look ma!  No stand!  The benefit of having big feet and a well balanced body.  Not that I would leave him without a stand for long.  Resin Corner is not generally earthquake-prone; however we did feel a tremor a couple of weeks ago whose epicenter was on the Quebec-Ontario border.

Not to be outdone, Hazy demanded something glamorous.  I bought the fabric months ago with just this dress in mind.  Called Frous Frous, it is a pattern from MHD Designs that is supposed to recall the glamor of the Fifties.  Not exactly the same era as Dylan's pattern, but no matter.  The billowy skirt gets added volume from lots of tulle in the underskirt.  Frous Frous also has a coat and hat, neither of which I made.  The white fabric that I bought for the purpose turned out to be too tough to sew.  After making Heath's vest and trousers from it I swore I wouldn't touch it again.  I'll trot it out only if I happen to be dressing a pirate ship that wants a sail!

Hazy's shimmery dress called for something special in the way of a wig.  The style is Glamour, the color is Moon, from Jpopdolls.  I love the way it frames her face.  I also changed both the color and size of her eyes.  She had been wearing 14 mm eyes, but I found that the iris filled the eye opening, making her eyes look dark no matter what color they were.  By changing them to 12 mm, I now see the whites of her eyes and her whole face has opened up.  For the first time, Hazy appears to be smiling.  (Normally she looks somewhat standoffish.)  I wish I could remember what brand and color these eyes are.  I do so much switching that eyes don't always end up in the same box or bag (or doll) they started in.  Whatever they are, she looks fabulous in them.

Here's looking at you, kid.

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