Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Dolls' Black-and-White Party, Part 1

I don't recall the exact moment the seed was planted, but for some time now I have been working on a massive project to dress all the residents of Resin Corner in variations on the theme of black and white.  As I slog away the holidy weekend sewing yet another black and white outfit, I wonder if this was a wise move.  Will I tire of the color palette (or lack thereof) before I clothe the final doll?  At the rate I have been buying dolls, will there ever be a final doll?  Should I even try to dress them all to theme?  Will the ones who don't get an outfit feel left out?  So many questions, so few answers.

This is the outfit that started the ball rolling:

Here Mirren (Unoa Lusis) is wearing a holiday outfit (yes, I started this foolishness approaching Christmas 2009) comprised of pattern pieces from two Gracefaerie patterns.  The corset and puff sleeves are from #21 Corset for MSD, while the skirt is from #14 Mini Wardrobe for 43cm Narae.  I was so glad finally to find a use for the plaid fabric.  It was just a small strip of taffeta--maybe an eighth of a yard from a very narrow bolt--that I bought in London in the early 1980s.  I bought several such strips at the same time in a variety of plaids; this one was the best in terms of scale.  The corset pattern calls for lacing up the front but I made a solid front instead.  Mirren's black wig is Elle from Jpopdolls.

I made a white dress for Supia Yisol without even thinking of my black-and-white theme, then realized that it could easily adapt by switching its original blue gingham sash to a black and white one.  Linn also has a white dress from way back, and Marguerite arrived all dressed in white.  How hard could this project be?  Lulled by a false sense of security, I continued.

The outfit that really got me going at a fever pitch was this one:

Here Narae wears Gracefaerie's #20 Lilac Afternoon for MSD in a combination of fun fabrics.  The base fabric is an all-over playing card design on black.  It is accented by a black-and-white stripe fabric and a black cotton eyelet.  (I know you can't see the eyelet in this photo; believe me, it's there.)  Red bows at the hip and sleeves add a punch of color.  I found the stockings on ebay.  They reminded me of playing card suits.  I have since changed them to plain white hose (see below).  Call me old-fashioned, but the stockings struck me as a bit of overkill.  Narae wears Liza, a black-and-red wig from Dollzone (the very wig that didn't fit anyone else).  Her gray shoes are from Dale Rae.

Even though sewing for boys bores me, I couldn't very well neglect them.  Here is the first of them:

It's hard to find a photo of Olivier without Narae.  Those two are always together!  As for his outfit, there are three patterns here, all from Adams-Harris.  The pinstripe pants are My Guy for IpleHouse SooRi.  It's a pattern for SD boys, so I reduced it to 75 percent.  The playing card vest is Classic Blue, also for SooRi and reduced to 75 percent.  The white top with contrasting inset at the elbow is Just Kickin' for Soul Doll Xell (Linn's male counterpart).  Finally, a pattern I didn't have to reduce.  The hat is purchased.  I added the hatband in the playing card fabric.  Olivier is wearing the Liza wig in caramel.  I found his adorable shoes on ebay.  Narae's white shoes are from Dale Rae.

With his dark coloring, Heath demanded an outfit that was the direct opposite of Olivier's.  Here is what he got:

Again, I don't seem to have photographed him on his own--everyone had to get in on the act.  Before you say, "What?  No playing cards?" let me say that the cards are there--I put them on the back of the vest.  He is wearing the same three patterns as Olivier.  His blond wig is from LeekeWorld.  I found his red-and-white sneakers on ebay.

Narae will have to look out.  She is accustomed to having all the male attention focused on her, but she is about to have competition.  NeoNarae Elf is coming.  When she will arrive is anyone's guess.  I haven't made anything for her ahead of time because her measurements are slightly different.  I want to see how she fits into Narae's clothes, in case she requires pattern adjustments.  I wish she would get here--she has been on order since the middle of April.  Not only is my patience wearing thin, but I am whiling away my waiting time on ebay, buying dolls.  Bad, bad Ball Jointed Woman.

More black-and-white outfits to come, including a fabulous new look for Hazy.

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