Monday, July 26, 2010

Ciao Bella!

Resin Corner is happy to announce the arrival of a new little one: 
Bambicrony Toto.

Toto is a 27 cm tall Ciao Bella model from Bambicrony in Korea.  I bought her with floral white skin, face up, outfit, wig, and the most expensive eyes I have yet acquired.  But what amazing eyes they are!  No matter where in the room you stand, they seem to follow you around.  Ordering them was an iffy proposition, because even though they cost more than the default eyes, the buyer is still unable to choose the color.  Fortunately for me, she came with the eyes I saw her wearing on the website.  Ball Jointed Woman is very happy.

I am also very happy with her posing ability.  A few posts ago I said that Fairyland's Little Fees have the best little bodies--and joints.  Bambicrony's Ciao Bellas show a little more of the slot where the elastic goes, but their posing ability is every bit as good  I will have to try the pose below with one or more of my Little Fees.  It looks like she is leaning against the side of the wing chair, but she is not touching it.  She is just hovering there, perfectly balanced.

The only trouble is that I can't possibly call her Toto.  To me, Toto will always be the little black terrier belonging to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  So for the time being, I am calling her Bambi.

Bambi came with three extra hands (two right and one left) as part of a promotion the company was running.  There's a Vee for Victory, a grasping hand, and one that I think is the American Sign Language sign for "I Love You."  (I will have to investigate to make sure.  For all I know it's the symbol for "Rock On!")  The most noticeable thing about Bambicrony hands is how delicately detailed they are compared to Little Fee hands.  And oh my gosh, don't even put them next to Unoa Chibi's meaty paws!  I'll have to do a hand comparison photo soon.

If anyone had told me, back when I first started buying  BJDs, that I would eventually collect dolls this size, I would have said they were crazy.  I came to BJDs from 16-inch fashion dolls.  It's true I had a few small dolls:  Kish's Riley and friends and Tonner's Tiny Ann Estelle.  With the exception of a tutu for Avery (so she'd match Riley and Tulah), I didn't make outfits for them.  But somewhere down the BJD line I fell in love with the Yo-SD sized dolls.  There are smaller dolls, but I think this size is my limit.  Anything smaller will be too hard for me to sew for.

Three little girls in pink-and-white:  Ante, Bambi, and Lishe

One of the nice things about this size doll is that they are so easy to carry around.  Bambi came with a quilted blanket that snaps shut to make transporting her safe and simple.  Little Fees come in a zippered satin pillow for even more cushioned comfort.  The big dolls, on the other hand, are heavy and awkward to transport.  I should purchase a carrying case, on the off chance that I ever want to take one of them somewhere.  It's not that they are especially breakable, because resin is a stronger material than porcelain, but that the resin should not be exposed to direct sunlight.  And carrying them around in a padded box is a bit much, especially if you are also juggling camera equipment and costumes.

It was a long wait from order to delivery (3 months almost to the day) but Bambi is happily settling in with her new housemates.  Puppy Charo seems happy to have her here, too.

Bambi and Charo

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