Sunday, June 13, 2010

U-noa Quluts, Part Two - The Love Continues

Now that we have met Lusis and Sist, it's time to introduce the boy(s).  There are two:  L-bi and B-el.  To tell the truth, I can never remember which is which.  One of them is the male version of Lusis, with open mouth and separate teeth, and the other is the male version of Sist, with closed mouth.  The reason for the (s) above is that I have one boy body and both faceplates. So in a way, I have both boys, but they can never be in the same photo unless I PhotoShop them together.  The boys are 43 cm. tall, just 1 cm. taller than the girls.  If they don't look that much taller in their photos, it's because both girls are wearing heels.

The boys have a unique feature.  For some unfathomable reason (at least it is unfathomable to me) the boy dolls come with two sizes of penis.  I suppose their maker thought that if the girls came with a choice of large or small bust, the boys should come with a comparable choice.  Frankly, unless the collector plans to display the dolls naked, I don't see the point of having such a choice.  Unlike the bust, it doesn't make a difference in how clothes fit.  Perhaps it is Araki Gentaro's private little joke?  If someone knows the answer, I welcome enlightenment.

Without further ado, here are the boys with their female counterparts.

Sist and B-el.

Lusis and L-bi.

Now here is a little family group that will introduce the other member of my U-noa family:

The small doll in the middle is U-noa Chibi Lilin.  She is 35 cm. tall and is one-half of a pair of dolls introduced earlier this year.  The other, which I have not purchased (yet) is Chibi Roron.  Lilin has what their maker calls a soft body.  Not that it's made from a soft material, because it's hard resin like the others, but because she has womanly curves.  Roron has a more childlike body.  The Alchemic Laboratory website calls it a gender neutral body.  I had a hard time choosing between the two, but finally ordered Lilin because of her delightful little grin.  She looks exactly like a cat that has had a bowl of cream.  (I would say she looks like the cat that got the canary, except that I am a bird fancier and I don't particularly fancy that image.)

Lilin in the photo above has the first face-up I gave her.  I wasn't absolutely in love with it, so I wiped it off and tried again.  Here is how she looks now.  (With that copper wig, I just had to show her among the pumpkins.)
Lilin is the first U-noa that I have purchased brand new through Crescent Shop Japan.  They made it easy to order, kept me informed of her progress, and she arrived in good time and in perfect order.  I have since ordered additional faceplates, and just paid for a brand new Sist to be shipped later this summer.  Now, to do the face-up or not to do the face-up, that is the question.

If you are wondering why I have not previously revealed any of my U-noas names, it is because half the time I can't remember them.  I have just found my scorecard and it appears that my heavily made-up Lusis is Mirren, the Lusis pictured above is McKenna, Sist is Chloe, the boys are Elliot and Brodie (Brodie?  I thought it was Bryce!) and Lilin is Fiona.  That's this week.  Who knows what they will be called next week?

In my next post, two mini Supias join the expanding family at Resin Corner.

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