Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Supia Girls, a.k.a. Mini-Sups

I first became aware of Supiadoll when Dollfair International handled their US distribution.  At the time I was intrigued but not entirely sold on them.  Both mini girls were on my "to buy later" list.  I wish now I had bought one or both of my girls from Dollfair, because ordering from Supia was confused and confusing.

Supiadoll are big on apologies, not so good on follow-through with promises.  I ordered Yan during a period when Supia offered free shipping.  They neglected to change their order program to calculate cost without shipping, so I paid full price and never got any kind of refund or rebate.  (All I got was a:  "We are very sorry make you discomfort to use shoppingmall.")  They were also not clear on how to pay them.  Some Korean companies spell out their payment policies and procedures in detail to help you understand before ordering.  (A big Thank You to those who do.)  By the time I figured out that Supiadoll were not going to request payment via PayPal, they were about to cancel my order.

I did finally receive my doll.  Not long thereafter Supiadoll posted apologies on their website for being behind on shipping.  I doubt I am the only collector who wishes Dollfair International still handled their US orders.

The mechanics of ordering aside, I am very happy with my mini-Sup Yan.  (On the right in the above photo.)  She is a sweet, happy-looking girl, about 43 cm. tall.  I don't have her statistics written down and didn't take off her heeled shoes to measure her, so I could be off by a millimeter or two.  She is the first doll I ordered with white skin--usually I opt for some shade of beige.  I was delighted to take her out of the box and see that her eyebrows made her a natural redhead.  (For some reason I collect a lot of red wigs.  Funny--I've never been a redhead myself.)  I immediately made her a chocolate-and-cream outfit to play up her coloring.

No sooner had I placed my order for Yan than a Supia Yisol became available on ebay.  The opportunity to have one of each was too tempting to pass up, so I bid on her.  You will recognize her on the left above--she is my stand-in in the "About Me" column.  While Yan has the factory face-up, Yisol has a face-up by Cristy Stone.  It's a subdued face-up compared to others by Cristy that I have seen.  It suits the doll perfectly, as she is a more serious-looking girl than her sister.  Her skin color is Supia's normal beige.  The difference is not particularly evident in the photos, but in person Yisol is more sallow while Yan is brighter.

Here are some more photos:

A word or two about wigs and costumes:  The white wig is J-Rock in Pure by Jpopdolls; the red wig in Yan's close-up is J-Rock in Soft Red by Monique Gold.  Yan's other red wig is Ashes in Autumn Moon by Jpopdolls.  Yisol's blonde wig is Ginger in Lt. Peach & Ginger Brown by Monique Gold. 

The dress patterns are a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Yisol wears the EGL dress (Elegant Gothic Lolita) from Gracefaerie's #14 Mini Wardrbe for 43 cm Narae.  Because I have made this dress several times before and wanted to give it a different look, I modified the pattern.  One change is the blue overskirt, made without any pattern.  In the middle photo she wears the same dress with a blue gingham sash instead of the overskirt.

Yan's outfit is made up of three pieces.  The blouse is from the Heaven Sent pattern by Adams-Harris, designed for Narae.  I paired it with a matching skirt (which you can't see in the photos) and a contrasting overskirt, both loosely based on Gracefaerie's #30 Play Day.  The low, angled pocket was inspired by something I saw online, I can't remember where.  Yan's cream-and-brown patent shoes are from Luts; Yisol's studded blue Mary Janes were purchased on ebay from releaserain.

Normally at the end of a post I like to announce the topic of my next installment.  Tonight I'm taking a break from that routine.  I might introduce another doll next time, or I might start painting my extra Unoa faceplates, or I might preview some of the black-and-white outfits that I have been putting together for a themed collection.  Which will it be?  Stay tuned and find out...

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