Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Angel in the House

A new Little Fee has come to live at Resin Corner:  Ante Elf Petit Ange.  As we have already discussed Little Fees in another post, we will simply eavesdrop on the dolls as they get to know one another.

AnteThis place is not at all like my home where I was born.  I wonder if I will have any friends here.

Ball Jointed Woman:  Of course you will have friends.  When you feel rested from your long journey, I will let you meet them.

AnteOh, I'm not tired.  May I meet them now, please?

AnteHow do you do?  I am Ante Elf.

Little ShiwooI'm Shiwoo and this is Lishe.  The big one is Marguerite.  She watches over us, but if you wait a while, she will fall asleep.  Then we can play.

AnteWhat a mess!  What on earth is this?

ShiwooIt's called sewing.  It looked a lot better last night, but Ball Jointed Woman ripped the top and bottom apart because it didn't fit Yan's big behind and...

LisheBe nice, Shiwoo.  It's not Yan's behind that's too big.  BJ Woman made a mistake and had to undo it.

ShiwooYou should have heard the words that came out of her mouth!

AnteWhat is this thing?

ShiwooBJ Woman calls it a sewing machine.  It makes a lot of noise.  She puts all her bits and pieces of cloth and lace into it and they come out as something you can wear.  I, however, do not wear lace.

LisheShe made my dress and Shiwoo's overalls.  If you stay, she'll make something for you, too.

ShiwooDo you think you'll stay?

AnteYes, I think I will.

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