Saturday, May 15, 2010

Little Fees -- It's All About the Joints

I shopped for a long time before deciding which little ones to add to my collection.  By now I had enough experience with BJDs to know what I liked and didn't like about how they are put together.  Many otherwise adorable small dolls were examined (via photos online) and found wanting.  Simply put -- it's all about the joints.

The joints in question are elbows and knees.  All BJDs look smooth when standing straight.  When the doll is posed with bent elbow or knee, however, I don't want to see sharp, pointed edges or gaping spaces in the bend.  The elastic may be there holding the doll together, but I want to see as little of it as possible.  That's why for me, Fairyland's Little Fees have the best looking, best posing little bodies going.  Not to mention that their faces are as cute as cute can be.

My first Little Fee was Little Shiwoo.  I fell head over heels in love with the full set, with Shiwoo clad in black balloon shorts, white tee shirt, white socks, black tail, black mittens and black beanie with cat ears.  The full set was sold out by the time I ordered, so I bought the basic doll.  I added a few extras (faceup, wig and shoes) but by then my cost was as high as if I had purchased the full set, and I didn't have the costume, the sleep face, or the extra hands.  As expensive as the full set might appear, buying the pieces separately is more so.

In the above photo, Little Shiwoo is pictured with Ellowyne Wilde and her psychotic cat Sybil.  (Blame the camera angle if he looks big in this picture.)  I found a pattern that approximated Little Shiwoo's cat suit (minus the hat, tail and mittens) in Adams-Harris's Little Sister for 27 cm Custom House Ange.  Little Fees are 25 cm tall, but the outfit fits just fine.  Ellowyne's dress is the Dreaming pattern, also from Adams-Harris, designed for Soul Kid Linn.  Linn has the same dress in white.

This photo shows Shiwoo with my second Little Fee--Little Lishe--and a canine friend.  I can't take credit for Lishe's costume, because I got the full set this time.  (I learned my lesson with Shiwoo.)  She is not wearing all of it.  The wig, which looked so cute in the promotional photos, was totally out of scale on such a small doll.  I cut about an inch off the bottom but it was still too big.  It ended up on Dharma.  Even on her, it's a lot of hair.  In addition to the costume (meant to depict Alice in Wonderland) Lishe came with a sleep face and extra hands.

Here is Little Lishe wearing her sleep face and fist hands.  Shiwoo is poking her to see if she is really asleep or only pretending.  Her dress is 1800 by Adams-Harris, another pattern for Custom House Ange.  The pattern includes an apron, which I had not yet made at the time of the photo, and bloomers under her dress.  I did make those, but they aren't visible.  Lishe's blonde and pink wigs are mohair from Leeke World (Korea).

Lishe and Shiwoo are showing off their newest outfits.  (More about their "Nanny" in a future post.)  Shiwoo wears alphabet print bib overalls from the Butterfly Garden pattern by Adams-Harris, with a yellow tee shirt using the Little Sister pattern.  Lishe wears Standing There, a one-piece blouse and bloomers with jumper, also from Adams-Harris patterns, all designed for Custom House Ange.  The next time I sew this pattern I'll shorten the bloomers and make the elastic tighter around the legs.  Both Shiwoo's and Lishe's wigs are from Fairyland.

Next time I will take a break from the dolls to talk about their wigs.  As one of the elements that makes BJD's so customizable, it's easy to amass a large collection of them.  I should know.

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