Friday, May 7, 2010

Limhwa Beauty

When Limhwa Luna arrived, fresh from her flight across both the Pacific Ocean and the Continental U.S., I was ready for her.  Armed ahead of time with her dimensions, I had made her a dress from the "Annabella" pattern from the Adams-Harris Pattern Company.  This is a versatile pattern:  I have made it for Hazy in a red plaid coupled with its white bodyshirt; for Sooah as a sundress; and now for Luna as a party dress.  I had to make the bodice larger for Luna.  She is that type of girl.

Luna has an exquisite facial sculpt, not seen to its best advantage in the top photo because I wanted to show more of the dress.  She is 57 cm tall, with a body that should come with a warning:  Dangerous curves ahead!  This lush, mature body can be a challenge to dress.  (Like Sooah's, only more so.)
I am probably the only Limhwa owner who feels this way, but I find her hands to be over-sculpted.  Moreover, the tip of each finger bends back as if it were double-jointed.  Limho Mono has the same hands on a smaller scale.  While the default (i.e., flat) feet are good, the high heel feet seem to be too small for the rest of her body.  Much as I love the red peep-toe shoes in the photo below, I have to admit they do not fit her well.  If only they came in my size!

In spite of these shortcomings, she is undeniably a very beautiful girl.  Her glamorous face up is done by the talented Korean artist who sculpts the Limhwa dolls, Miss Jung Ji Youn.

I made the above outfit for Sooah but never photographed her in it.  I worked without a pattern, inspired by a scrap of fabric I had left over from another project.  There was enough stretch in the top to accomodate her ample bust.  The skirt is a simple rectangle, lined and gathered at the top with a waistband.  Easy as pie.  The wig is by Jpopdolls.

Here Luna has borrowed Hazy's swing coat (the dress didn't fit), along with the short black wig that came with Soul Doll L-Heart.  On her it looks very French, tres chic!

One last look, wearing the fabulous "Glamour" wig from Jpopdolls (last seen on Sooah).

In our next visit to Resin Corner, the known world shrinks as Fairyland's LittleFees take center stage.

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