Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Beau for Solange

In late 2008 I decided it was time for a male doll to enter my Elfdolls' lives.  It took me a while to narrow down the potential suitors.  What I really wanted was an IpleHouse doll--either Barron or Soori--but I had never yet ordered directly from Korea.  I had misgivings.  Would they understand me?  Would I understand them?  In the end I opted to order from a U.S. shop (Denver Doll Emporium--my favorite by a long shot and the source of many of my dolls) which limited me to the doll lines they carry.

Rainman has sculpted some male Elfdolls.  None of them had the look I was after.  I finally settled on L-Heart, a Soul Double from Soul Doll (the same company that made Soul Kid Linn).  His promotional photos included two different looks:  the first, in a wild white mohair wig, made him look like Mozart on a bad hair day.  The second look, with shorter brown hair in a slightly shaggy style, was more what I had in mind.  Naturally, he came with a different wig altogether:  short, black, slicked down.  It actually looks better on my girls, so I let them have it.  He also came with spooky silver eyes, which I changed to dark green.

This tee shirt is not one of my more memorable efforts.  Here he is posed so you can't see that I didn't match my stripes front and back.  The neckline is also slightly off.  I don't work well with knits.

L-Heart (renamed Donovan, because I couldn't bring myself to call him "L" or "Heart" or any combination thereof) arrived at a time when I had Solange (Sooah) in period dress, so I made him an outfit to go with.  In the photo below he wears Brummel by Adams-Harris.  I cut out the coat in a dark green fabric but never got around to sewing it.  One of these days...

Donovan has a quirk that affects his posing.  Two quirks, actually.  One, he does not stand straight--he curves backward.  Two, he is double-jointed and always wants to bring his hands up.  I fought with him for a long time before I gave in--and bought him a violin!  He took to the instrument like a duck to water.

He also has a pocket watch, so he can time Solange when she is late in keeping a date.

In rooting through my bin full of BJD accessories recently, I came across an extra pair of hands.  At first I couldn't remember whose they were.  I held them up next to Solange--much too big for her.  I already knew which extra hands were Hazy's.  I checked my Unidoll boy (you'll meet him later) and they were too small for him.  That means they can only belong to Donovan.  The funny thing is that I don't remember him coming with extra hands.

You are probably wondering why he is not pictured with Hazy.  From the start she let it be known that he simply is not her type.  I knew then that I would have to come up with another suitor or her uncompromising stare would haunt me.

Before another large male doll could take his place at Resin Corner, however, the house would open the door to its first little BJDs and another large female BJD.  I am going to take them out of order and present Limhwa Luna first so that I can introduce the little ones together.  It's more fun that way.

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  1. I'm so impressed, as always. And...I never would have noticed that the shirt was not sewn looks great! I'd wear it.