Sunday, April 25, 2010

Simply Narae--Choices, Choices, Choices

From the beginning Narae (sculpted by Bimong) was one of those dolls who, like the Unoa girls, immediately rose to the top of my "Got to have" list.  Like the Unoas, she had to wait and for the same reason.  Money.  Simply put, these girls cost bigger bucks than I was used to spending on a doll.

The thing about resin boys and girls is that you often don't know the full cost until you get out your trusty calculator.  There's the base price.  That seems pretty straightforward, except where the base price differs depending on whether one chooses French resin or urethane resin.  (Note:  I never choose French resin.  Yes, it has a beautiful, translucent quality, but it yellows, sometimes unevenly, and sometimes within less than a year.  Examples turn up every so often on ebay.)  Tan dolls may come at a different price again.  Faceup (i.e., make-up) is an added cost:  one price for default make-up and a higher price for custom make-up.  Some dolls have optional body parts:  extra hands or faces, extra torsos, high heel feet, etc.  You get the picture.  Add a costume where none is included in the base price and ring up more dollars on the register.  Same goes for wigs and eyes.  Then there is shipping.  If the doll is coming from Asia, expect to pay something in the vicinity of $60, more for a larger, heavier doll and less for a smaller doll.  If you have done the sums and are still breathing, you may be ready to order your doll.

The choices for Narae kept me from ordering for a long time.  I just couldn't make up my mind.  There were six different facial expressions to choose from, not to mention around 30 face painting styles.  In the end, I opted for tan matte urethane, open eyes, and a smoky eye faceup.  I think it's time for a photo, don't you?

That's Narae on the right.  Unoa Lusis is on the left--you'll meet her later.  They are both wearing "Hope," a soft, lovely updo by Monique Gold wigs.  I can hear you asking:  Where's the tan?  Narin Creative's skin tones are on the pale side.  Their tan is what I would call normal beige, while their other choices tend towards white.  I wasn't ready for an all-white doll then. 

Narae entered the house at Resin Corner and immediately set her sights on Olivier (Limho Mono).  They have been inseparable since.

The mohair wig Olivier has on is the one that came with Narae.  The color never suited her--it is too close to the color of her skin.  Olivier, on the other hand, is much paler, so for him it works.  It rather makes him look like a Romantic poet or musician.  Narae's dress is a lengthened version of Adams-Harris' "Romantic" previously seen on Linn and Dharma.

I love this wig on Narae.  It's "Pretty Girl" in brownblack/blonde from Monique Gold.  The dress is "Rodeo Drive" from Fletcher Pattern Company (designed for Ellowyne Wilde).  Below is the same pattern again, done up this time for the holidays:


Narae in a short, sassy wig from Jpopdolls called "Elle."  The color is white blonde.

I will close today with another look at Narae's period gown, called "Notorious" as designed for Ellowyne Wilde. It is the same pattern as "1790" for Elfdoll Sooah, both from the Adams-Harris Pattern Company.  (More about Unoa's gown when we meet her.)

Next time, enter a boy to keep the Elfgirls on their toes:  Soul Doll's L-Heart.

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