Sunday, April 4, 2010

An American BJD in Resin World

When Goodreau Dolls announced its first American BJD, I got in line to buy one.  But not the resin version.  I saw that there would be a considerable dollar savings in waiting for the vinyl version and so I put down my deposit and waited.  And waited.  After some delay the vinyl dolls finally debuted.  Mine was Innuendo.  The others were Secret, Whisper and Rumor.  Intriguing names.  I gave my vinyl girl a name, and then another, but the name I always come back to is Innuendo.

Being one of the first group of vinyl bjds from the company, she is further distinguished by being smaller than the others.  This was not planned, and subsequent vinyl dolls from Goodreau are the same size as their resin counterparts.  So what I have is a special doll with a special problem:  Goodreau shoes and wigs are made for the larger resin girls.  I always intended to sew for her, so I did not buy any of the clothes.  I imagine they are also big on her.  Here she is:

As you can see, I did find shoes that fit with thick stockings.  (I have since discovered shoes designed especially for her by Dale Rae Designs.  Thank you, Dale!)  The dress is from an Adams-Harris pattern called "Romantic" that was designed to fit Soul Kid Linn and the wig is a discontinued model called "Tenshi" from Jpopdolls that I absolutely love.  Soul Kid Linn has the same in black.

Here is Innuendo in a sleeveless dress I made from a Zolala pattern (for Unoa) that appeared in Haute Doll Magazine, June 2008.  I did not then have a Unoa, so I adjusted the pattern to fit Innuendo.  My first ever attempt at pintucks didn't come out too bad.  The wig is "Ginger" by Monique Gold.  This photo shows something that has bothered me about Innuendo from the start:  One eye appears to be smaller than the other.  I admit I stared at her for two years before doing anything about it.  Perhaps because I didn't know what to do.

I finally decided it couldn't hurt to give her a makeover, or, in bjd parlance, a new face up.  (I have blank faceplates on order for two other dolls, so in a future post I will show the tools, materials and steps I use in this process.)  For now I will summarize:  I removed the factory face up after first taking off her wig, eyes, and eyelashes.  This in itself was a revelation, as I discovered that the eyelash on the "smaller" eye was crushed.  Why hadn't I noticed that before?  That alone could make an eye appear different.  After spraying the clean face with Mr. Super Clear to protect the vinyl and provide a ground for my artist materials, I went to work.  I used powdered pastels to shade her cheeks, ears, eyelids and lips, and then detailed her eyebrows, eyeliner and lower lashes with watercolor pencil.  I sprayed again with Mr. Super Clear to seal the colors, then applied Crystal Lacquer to her lips to give them a bit of gloss.

Here is Innuendo with her new look, which includes new eyelashes.  The old ones went straight into the trash.  Her eyes are finally the same size.  They are the same eyes she had originally--I resisted the temptation to try on another color.  I also minimized the fullness of her lips to give her less of a bee stung look.  Her outfit is a composite made up from three different patterns.  The skirt uses the "Down to Business" pattern for Ellowyne Wilde from the Fletcher Pattern Company; the cami, which you can barely see beneath the blouse, is from another Haute Doll Magazine pattern for Unoa from Zolala; and the blouse comes from the "Cabaret" pattern for Ellowyne Wilde by Adams-Harris.  Her wig is "Roxy" by Monique Gold.

I should probably add a word here about Ellowyne Wilde.  She is a vinyl fashion doll sold from her own website, Wilde Imagination (  Although not a bjd in the strictest sense, she is jointed in a way that allows her a good range of posability.  She is also comparable in size to many of the slim mini bjds on the market, which makes patterns for Ellowyne a good bet for these bjds.  Too bad my four Ellowynes rarely get to wear them.  Look for them instead on Narae, Unoa, Innuendo, and others.  Sorry, Ellowyne...

Here is Ellowyne Wilde on the right wearing the same outfit.  Instead of the cami she wears the pink satin teddy she came in.  Free Spiritz Pixie Dharma on the left shows how the blouse looks with a pleated skirt.  More about Dharma (and her makeover) in our next visit to Resin Corner.  Thanks for dropping in!

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  1. Your dolls are so beautiful. I can't get over the clothes that you make for them. You should sell doll clothes. Wow.