Monday, March 29, 2010

The First Rainy Elfgirl

Sooah entered the house at Resin Corner in December 2007.  Around the house, this statuesque beauty (standing 24.5 inches in her bare feet, although this fashion plate never goes barefoot) is known familiarly as Solange.  Her creator is a Korean sculptor known to his fans as Rainman. Although few of his dolls represent elves, they are called Elfdolls.

Because of her ample physical endowments (i.e., large bust) Solange can be difficult to dress.  This makes her no less demanding when it comes to wardrobe.  Her dressmaker's first attempt to clothe her--using a magazine pattern designed for a different doll--resulted in a shapeless mess.  Thankfully, no photographs survive to document the fiasco.

Her next garment (not counting the standard issue red bathing suit in which she arrived) met with greater acclaim.  Called "1790," the dress is a period piece from Adams-Harris Pattern Company. The peach-cream-and-raspberry confection fits Solange like a glove (and sounds yummy enough to eat).


The dressmaker turned to Gracefaerie Designs for Solange's next piece.  Titled "Takeshita-dori" after the pedestrian-only street in Tokyo, the dress is one of two Gothic Lolita outfits made from this pattern.  It still mystifies the dressmaker how a Korean doll wearing a Japanese-inspired dress made from a Japanese print fabric can come out looking Irish.  Perhaps it's the red hair?
Takeshita-dori #1        

The dark green jumper and pale green-and-brown floral blouse below are from another Adams-Harris Pattern, this one called "Kiss and Tell."  Frankly, the dressmaker finds the outfit more prim and proper than the name suggests.  It reminds her rather strongly of the uniform she wore for her first eight years of school.  (If she could get up the nerve, she would post the school photo to prove it.)

                                Kiss and Tell

Solange's latest fashion is the second outfit made from the "Takeshita-dori" pattern, a skirt and blouse with waist cincher.  The dressmaker took the liberty of making short sleeves to further differentiate it from the Irish dress.  Once again, Solange demanded a red wig for the photo shoot.  She has other colors, but every time she sees the camera she sees red.  Here is our sultry miss.

Takeshita-dori #2

Sadly, except for stock already on hand, Rainy Elfdolls are no longer available through US distributors.  Rainman now sells exclusively from his own website and potential buyers must become members in order to purchase his dolls.

Stay tuned for the next installment of As the Resin World Turns, when an American BJD comes to stay at Resin Corner.

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